Cottage Garden Designs and Ideas

Cottage gardens were once a very common sight in homes around Europe and America. The gardens were often just outside of the kitchen, and provided fresh cut flowers for the dinner table. Cottage gardens are usually created in small areas, without a large space. Cottage garden designs can be created by using seedlings, or by using starters from nurseries or yard stores.

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About Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens use an informal, yet traditional landscape design. Developing a cottage garden design means using dense plants, with both ornamental and edible plants. Common plants used in a cottage garden are:

  • Annuals and biennials: begonias, black-eyed Susans, poppies and sunflowers
  • Perennials: anemones, aster, delphinium, peonies and phlox
  • Flowering shrubs: chokeberries, lilac, forsythia
  • Flowering Climbers: jasmine, wisteria and climbing roses
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