Courtyard Landscaping Ideas

Courtyard Landscaping Ideas

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If your dream yard includes a courtyard area where you can entertain and relax, you’ll probably perusing magazines and books for idea. Courtyard landscaping ideas will undoubtedly include open space, possibly a fountain and abundant flora and fauna.


About Courtyard Landscaping Ideas

Courtyards are known as an outdoor place in which one can eat, relax and entertain guests. Courtyards are bordered by high walls, which create a sense of being enclosed into an outdoor “room.”

Other features of courtyards include:

  • Stepping-stones: used to create paths and walkways, divide the courtyard into sections and to provide a decorative element.
  • Planters: planters help in creating a feeling of lushness, privacy and can mimic a border or wall, if needed.
  • Statuary: Stone sculptures are often present in many courtyards, and provide an artistic element to the area.
  • Fountains or birdbaths: both offer the peaceful serenity that bubbling and moving water creates. Water features can be elaborate, or small and quaint.

Here are some examples to inspire you with your courtyard.




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