Deck Restoration Melbourne – including Sanding, Oiling, Staining & Sealing

Has your deck started to show signs of being weathered?

Such as loss of shine, discoloration or even advanced signs of wear and tear?

Well the good news is we can bring it back to life!

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Depending on the condition of the deck we will take a different approach to how we restore the deck before oiling or staining the Deck.

Our Deck Cleaning Service explained!

Step 1 Typically our treatment starts with High pressure washing the entire surface to take away the bulk of the grime and dirt build up.

high pressure clean deck with wand

Step 2 We use a strong deck cleaning agent which removes the bad oils and dirt which have soaked into the deck. (if your timber is in very bad condition deck sanding may be required but rest assured we can look after this for you)

If your deck is brand new (6 months or under in age) we may also use a tannins stripper which helps to pull natural oils from deep within the timber.

Step 3 We then high pressure at a moderate strength to clean the surface again to remove the cleaning agent and all the impurity’s that have now been removed when cleaning your Deck. *Always be careful when letting anyone high pressure clean your decking as applying to much pressure will damage the timbers*

Step 4 We Tape up all areas that need to be protected around the perimeter of where we are working to ensure we never mark any other surfaces.

Preparing deck for first coat of oil

Step 5 We let the surface completely dry off before Applying the First Coat of Decking Oil.

frist coat of decking oil

Step 6 Depending on the condition of the surface we typically complete between 2 – 4 Coats of Decking oil and or Decking Stain the area.

Step 7 Revisit your property to inspect our work and remove the tape.

Woola! Job Complete…

oiled deck finished

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We only use the finest Decking Oils in Melbourne ensuring that we deliver a 5 star finish first time every time. Our Decking oils are water based which ensures that we can deliver results within quicker time frames due to reduced dry times.

In most instances we can complete the work within 24 hours no matter what the size of the job… we will get all hands on deck :) (Comedian) and get the job done.

Call Ben now on 1300 363 478 to Book your Deck oiling or staining job now! We can also assist with Deck maintenance in Melbourne, High Pressure cleaning, Painting and various other projects around your home.

Whether your entertaining guests or putting your house on the market for sale or simply wanting to protect your investment you will find this will have a dramatic impact on how your home presents to your guests, ensuring you get the wow factor.

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