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Roof Cleaning Services and Roof Restoration services combined

What does your roof have to say about the condition of your home?

Often years of neglect mixed with Australia’s harsh elements will have your roof covered in leaves, moss and looking very dull and brittle.

If your roof is suffering from the elements, Ben’s Backyard can help restore the original look of your roof ensuring it looks good as gold again in no time. Within one day we can give your roof back the look it once had.
We offer a complete end to end solution for all your roof maintenance needs for all roof types.

Bens Backyard has been offering high pressure cleaning services all over Melbourne for over 10 years and take pride in offering a reliable, prompt service at affordable rate.

We also are experienced with commercial high pressure roof cleaning should you require those services please feel free to get a quote by clicking here.

Roof Cleaning can improve your health

All that mould that is building up in little circles and spreading across your roof is called lichen moss which is friends with other families of mould. As time goes by particles are released in the form of microscopic spores which can cause bad health to whoever is living within the property – common symptoms are nausea, headaches and various respiratory problems such as asthma.

Contact us today for everything from Roof cleaning to repairing your Leaking Roof to complete Roof restorations

Our high pressure cleaning services offered by Bens Backyard are both affordable and trusted amongst Melbourne’s community.

We offer Roof painting, high pressure cleaning services, high pressure driveway cleaning, high pressure pathway cleaning  to bother domestic and commercial clients throughout Melbourne’s North to North Eastern suburbs.

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